How to fix HP Printer not Printing Black


Steps to fix HP Printer not printing black issue:

  • Solution 1# Check the ink level
  • Make sure that black ink cartridge is properly filled up with black ink because if your HP printer would be out of ink, then you will face such kind of issue. For this, you can check the ink level directly by Control Panel on your HP printer’s LCD very easily.
  • Solution 2# Clean the ink cartridge
  • A dusty and uncleaned ink cartridge may also cause HP printer not printing black issue and you can simply fix this issue just by cleaning the ink cartridge with the help of cotton. You can wipe away all sorts of dirt and dried ink from the printer head.
  • Solution 3# Remove the protective tape
  • If you have installed a new cartridge in your HP printer, then make sure that you removed the protective tape from its top side because it will stop the printer from printing black. So ensure that tape is not available on black cartridge.


Get the instant help on HP printer issues via skilled customer service team

In case the issue is still remained after applying the above-described steps, then don’t think too much about that and directly get in touch with the customer service team of HP printer which is very easy via HP Printer Customer Service Number where you can get the simple solutions to fix all sorts of issues related to HP printer and others that you are not able to resolve. This 24/7 customer service will help to fix the multiple issues related to the HP printer.