How to Cancel a Stuck Print Job in Windows 10?

Are you printing important documents from your HP printer on your Windows 10 computer? But suddenly your print job has stuck in the mid that neither printing your existing command not printing the other printing command that is in the queue? Then you can easily fix this issue after deleting a printing job on your HP printer in a very simple way. The whole process of deleting a printing job is quite simple but lots of users ask how do I delete a print job from my HP printer and if you also don’t know how to delete, then you can follow the step by step process to fix this issue.

Steps to delete a stuck print job from an HP printer:

  • First, you need to disconnect your HP printer from the power source and you can do that by turning off your printer. Afterward, unplug your HP printer from the power source.
  • Go to the Start menu on your computer and right-click on it to select the Search option.
  • Type Command prompt into the search bar.
  • Presently right-click on Command prompt and then click on Run as administrator.
  • Type net stop spooler and press the Enter.
  • Open the File explorer from Start menu on your computer and click on Address bar option.
  • Type windows/system32/spool/printers into the search bar and press the Enter.
  • Presently click on the highlighted files and right-click on the selected files that you want to delete.
  • Click on Delete tab.
  • Type net start spooler and press the Enter.
  • Restart your computer, turn on your HP printer and then try to print something.


The above-listed steps can help you to know how to delete a print job that won’t delete issue on Windows 10 in a very effective manner. If the problem is still continuing or you are not able to fix this issue, then you can contact with the HP printer support team and can easily fix all kinds of problems after getting the proper solutions.